The Chicken has resoucefulness, true bravery, and intelligence.  Thus in the morning it can crow at dawn.  Its nature strongly corresponds with Li Kua, and with skill. The Chicken is a good fighter.  In fighting, it uses wisdom. It has a hard beak with which to peck. Both legs can continuously stand. Its claws can catch. It can jump, and create awesome power by shaking its feathers.  It is able to leap into the air.  It advances and retreats constantly, coming and going without stop.  It uses the whole body.  In fighting, physical strength is important, therefore use Chicken form.


The Chicken leg and Chicken step are some of Xingyi's key elements.  In the Chicken form there is the function of “plucking.” Currently there are the postures of “Golden Chicken Stands on One Leg”, “Golden Chicken Eats Rice”, and “Golden Chicken Picks its Feathers.”  Xingyi's Chicken step is combined with the “Chicken Stands Alone” posture.  Xingyi's “Chicken Eats Rice” form is a dianxue hand method.  The Chicken form has “Chicken Picks Its Feathers.” Outwardly this looks like the Snake form only in the mind they aren't.  The “pick the feathers” hand originally is a heavy hand method, it corresponds to cruel gestures. It is also called “Peacock Picks its Feathers,” named for how you make the movement. Perhaps there is a little bit of entering and leaving, only the function of the will does not change.  The movements of the Snake form are similar to those of Picking Feathers, however the functions are different.


This form corresponds to the sun gua. In heaven, it makes the wind. In man, it makes qi. In fighting, it makes the Chicken form.  It has the ability, by raising the heel, to send energy up and by contracting the top of the head, to cause qi to descend. It also has the ability to direct the true qi to the four limbs.  If this form is correct, then the meridians are open and true qi flows, the spleen and stomach harmonize, and the brains are nourished.  If this form is not correct, then the spleen is weakened and the stomach bloated, the five organs won't harmonize, the brains are not nourished and the senses will not be keen, the hands and feet will be numb and insensitive.  In the body, it makes the spleen.  If the spleen is strong then the five organs are full.  It corresponds to earth.  Earth creates 10,000 things.  Therefore the Chicken form can have 10,000 methods.