The Horse has leaping at its heart.  It runs and leaps with the feet of a thoroughbred.  It can run 1000 miles in one day. It has the ability to retreat in winding mountians. It has the awesome power of shaking its tail. It has the skill of trampling with its hooves. It has the courage to strike the mountain and leap the stream. The Horse has the skill of its hooves. The Horse's rear kick is strong. Its quick hooves go fast.  It contains the significance of hanging reins.


     In Xingyi we have the Horse form. This is like a fleeing horse raising its hooves.  Chen Pan Ling said, "Make both hands rise and fall.  You can use a single hand to strike to the left or right, but both hands rise and fall. When both hands rise and fall, it is not a big rise and fall."

     The motion of horse form is both hands overturning outward, then turning inward, winding in one circle.

     When we compare the Horse form with the Tiger form, we see both hands rise and fall. Only in Tiger form, both hands move together with the body, and in the Horse form both hands wind to the front. In the  Horse form, both hands overturn outside, divide outward, and wind up; then both hands turn inward and strike to the front. The Tiger form is double tiger claws pouncing to the front. The Horse form, using the fists to strike is like a horse raising his hooves.  The strike with the fist uses the strength in the second joints of the fingers. Chen Pan Ling would use the Phoenix eye fist, or also use the golden leopard fist method. The Horse form dashes forward. Running  quickly, it leaps straight ahead.  In the stepping method, you must get the rear foot to stomp the ground strongly so that the front leg goes far ahead. The whole body must be connected and coordinated.


    In the body it corresponds to the will, and comes  out of the mind's source.  In fighting it makes the Horse form.  In the fist method it has the dragon's nature.  It  overturns the river. It falls into the power of the sea. This fist is outwardly hard and fierce.  Inwardly, it is  soft and kind.  It has the subtlty of an empty heart. It has the dantian full of qi.  If the form is correct, then the taoxin is created, the yin fire is destroyed, the stomach is full, and the body strong.  If the fist is not correct, then the heart is not able to empty and the will reckless, the qi is effortful, the five organs won't be harmonized, the pure qi won’t be able to rise and the turbid qi won’t descend, and the hands and feet won’t be quick.

     this fist outisde is hard and fierce, inside soft and flowing.  Inside the heart is empty the dantian full of qi.  If the form flows the the will is fixed and the qi tranquil, the spleena nd lung are smooth and easy, the daoxin creates and the yin fire naturally extinquished, the waist is full and the body strong.  if this formn is done wrong then the will is reckless and the qi is contrary, the 5 organs aren't harmonized, the hands anbd feet won't be nimble.
     In the body it relate to the will.  If the will is guileless, then the heart is true, if the heart is true then the principles will be straight, if the principles are straight then the fist has energy.