Monkey has wisdom second only to man. The monkey species is lively. It lives in mountain forests. It is quick and nimble, and is truly manlike. In fighting the monkey form shows up as the Monkey fist.  Its nature is to climb mountains and leap streams.  Its flying body is quick.  It has the skill of sudden dodging and changing.  It is unfathomable.  It uses the fighting postures and skills of "Monkey Hanging", "Stealing the Peach", "Offering the Fruit", and "Climbing the Tree".  It has the strength of falling from a branch. Its nature is open, turning, moving, spiritual, flexible, and unfathomable.  The form has the ability of quickness.  Monkey has the nimblest motion. Its nature can have the strength of outstretched arms, the agility for leaping brooks with a flying body and jumping mountains.  It has the skill to make sudden changing unfathomable evasions.


     In Xingyi we have monkey form. It corresponds with dodging, turning, and a leaping body method. It uses holding, seizing, searching, and knocking hand methods.  The upper hands pluck out the eyes.  The lower feet kick the crotch.  The middle pounces on the breast.

     There are Upper, Middle, and Lower: three ways to advance and strike. Each points towards the vital spots.  Chen Pan Ling used to call it "Death Hand", and warned against studying this knowledge and not to use it.  He used to guard against using his hand to injure people!

     The hand above is pi quan, the feet below are Santi Form.  The movement is almost one cut. It uses pi chuan's turning the body, toeing in many times. It doesn't walk a straight line, but walks in an arc. The hand splits as it goes out. It doesn't advance but retreats. The feet don't forge ahead, but squat to the rear.  It winds the body, flourishes its posture, leaps towards the front, grabs the eyes, stabs the throat, raises the knee to attack  the testicles, drops down into a left pi quan, then straight back to rest in the heart.

     In monkey form practice, the body must be light like as monkey; agile and nimble, with dodging and leaping movements.  Of the 12 forms this is the most agile.  The motion includes left and right turning; advancing forward and retreating backwards; leaping and jumping; straight and winding. Practice must have speed and strength. It also must be firm and stable, have a relaxed appearance, be nimble, quick, connected, integrated, coordinated,  and smooth.


     Monkey is in the category of quickness.  Its nature corresponds with yin earth. In the body, it corresponds to the spleen, and makes the heart's source.  If you practice this form, then the body will be limber and quick, you will be able to turn like the wind.  If it isn't practiced corredctly, then the heart inside congeals and is sluggish, and the body is not able to be quick. When this form is utilized, the form and postures must be distinct. The hand and stepping methods are: one yin and one yang, one reverse and one true.  First practice to make it yang, then practice to make it yin. If the fist flows, then the mind is fixed and the spirit calm, and the form's quality pure and true.  If this fist is wrong, then the mind wavers,  the spirit is agitated, and the form's quality is not harmonious.  Its nature corresponds with yang hard winding strength and energy. The strength passes to the fingers and the claw becomes like steel spikes.