Snake is very clever and lively.  It has the ability to part the grass, and the ability to wind and coil. Whether curved or straight, it is smooth and free.  The head and tail both issue force. In the body we have the yang aspect of the kidneys. In fighting, the waist is lively and strong, which passes through the joints. Thus, to strike the head, the tail issues; to strike the tail, the head issues; to strike the body, both the head and tail issue. The liveliness of the Snake is exquisitly wrought.  It is able to bend and able to be straight. The snake's characteristics are to spit out the tongue, wind the body, part the grass, and enter caves.


     The Dragon and Snake are similar.  With the Dragon Form is authority and power.  The Snake Form wiggles like a snake.  Usually mountains have snakes.  Strike the head and the tail hits you, strike the tail and the head hits you.  In the Shaolin 5 fists, they use the Snake Form to train qi.  Arrange the first two fingers like a snake spitting out its tongue.

     Both hands are the snake's heads. The fingers are like the tongue. The hand and arm are the snake’s body; they coil, wind and wiggle like a snake.

     In Xingyi's 5 Elements Fists, there is drilling up. In the Snake Form, there is drilling down. In Bagua's Piercing Palm, the hand pierces from the inside and goes to the outside. In Xingyi's Snake Form, the hand goes from above to pierce and drill  downwards.


  In the body we have the idea of yin and yang turning together.  Because the snake is quick and lively, thus in fighting there is the Snake Form.  If the Snake Form is done correctly, then you can raise true jing to fill the breast, and the spirit will wrap and fill the head.  100 diseases will be prevented.  If the form is not done correctly, then the body won't be lively and quick,  the heart key is not open and the qi is bound and stagnant.